Haircut vs Trim

A hair cut is usually when you want to achieve a different look by taking of length off or change the over all appearance.  A trim is when you want to preserve a style or are in the process of wanting to obtain more length or less layering.


Texture vs Layering

Texture is where you texture the ends to preserve length or soften a line in a haircut.  Layers can change the shape of a haircut and add more body and movement to the hair. 


Why buy professional salon products?

I don't think I could of said this better than evo's profile of about their products.  "Inside bottles of evo that are bursting with personality, you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate, parabendea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment. you won’t find unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients; no imaginary technology, no myths, no gimmicks. all ingredients in evo formulations are active; nothing is added only to make claims on the label."


A cheap non-color safe shampoo can strip red in one washing. We are not saying this in order to get you to buy professional products from us, but the higher detergent drugstore type shampoos will truly strip your color faster. Also, conditioners with a high paraben content will bind to your color and make it wash out more quickly.

Difference between a Smoothing Treatment and a Straightening Treatment

Smoothing treatments are meant to not alter your natural hair texture but to smooth the cuticle of the hair.  By smoothing the cuticle it can almost give the effect of deflating your hair and cutting your styling time in half.  This is an optimal service for people with thick course, or wavy hair to help manage from day to day.


Straightening services are where the hair cuticle is is chemically changed to form a straighter bond,  This is almost the opposite effect of a perm.  Some straightening systems will only last for 3-6 months where some can be perminentally altered to being straight till the hair is cut off. 


Be sure to consult with your stylist for which one would be best for you. 


Highlights vs Balayage

Highlighting is the process of concentrated foils for an all over lighter or dimensional color effect in the hair.  Balayage is a process of physically painting on highlights or lowlights for a naturalsunkissed dimensional hair color. 


Highlight vs Lowlight

Highlighting is the process of lightening hair strands for an over all lighter appearance.  Low lighting is taking a color darker than your natural for a richer dimensional look.  (This is a great technique for brunettes that just want to rich en up their natural hair color without any regrowth demarcation)


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